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My name is Nikki Rice and I am a graphic designer and installation artist, based out of DeKalb, Illinois.

I primarily offer graphic design services for musicians and bands, venues, event organizers, individuals, and small businesses. This includes designs for logos; business cards and other printed branding items; traditional signage and digital sign presentations; promotional event materials, such as posters, flyers, handouts, and postcards; and band merch, including buttons, album covers, and t-shirts and other apparel. I also offer SEO blog and social media management services.

I graduated in December 2013 from Northern Illinois University, with a BFA in printmaking and a minor in art history. The majority of my studio work examines the drive for connectedness inherent to all human beings, and the way that the inclusion or exclusion of an individual from a group can effect both them and society at large. I explore these topics by researching historical crimes against humanity and in-group psychology, as well as the public presentation of current events, news, and human interest stories. In my latest works, I have focused in particular on the cause and effect relationship these items have with user-created internet content and culture, exemplified on high-traffic websites such as Wikipedia and Google.