The “Wikipedia Loop” series examines the way in which we unintentionally manipulate information to suit our own interests, exemplified here through the use of the popular online user-created encyclopedia project, Wikipedia. New theories have suggested that the “automatic personalization” of the internet, such as advertisements that are tailored to a specific user’s interests, music and movie recommendations based on user taste ratings (i.e. Netflix, Pandora, etc.), and matching systems on dating websites, are serving users in a negative way, by limiting their exposure to unfamiliar items, and, consequently, making us less open-minded as a society. I chose to explore this theory by spontaneously entering the top Google search term of the day into Wikipedia’s search box, then, for one hour, clicking the inner-article links that I found most interesting. After watching the recording of this process, it was very apparent that a clear theme had naturally emerged through my unplanned link selections.

The “Wikipedia Loop” Series includes the process recording described above, increased to six times its original speed, as well as six oil paintings based off photos downloaded from the visited Wikipedia articles.

“Wikipedia Loop” Series created by Nikki Rice (2013)